2015: Damaged Goods

A co-production between So Say We All and Jean Issac’s San Diego Dance Theater, featuring four storytellers performing around the choreography of Jean Issac, Tristan Marshall, Zaquia Salinas, and Liv Issacs-Nollet

2013: Righteous Exploits

Righteous Exploits is a multi-media sound, projection, and narrative performance created by Margaret Noble and Justin Hudnall. This performance work is inspired by Ann Fabian’s book, The Unvarnished Truth– a powerful cultural history of how ordinary Americans crafted and sold their stories of hardship and calamity during the nineteenth century. Righteous Exploits is a chronicle of the life of Noble’s grandmother, Helen Hosmer, a 1940’s-era labor activist. This cinematic performance investigates the discovery of McCarthy era persecutions, FBI reports and a series of first person testimonials on the uncanny behavioral cycles shared by 4 generations of women. Each woman prospering at the expense of her family while seeking freedom. Over 400 hand-made overhead color transparencies and a minimalist electro-acoustic score were created by Noble to illuminate the narrative writing and monologue performance by Hudnall. Righteous Exploits is a darkly funny and poignant demonstration of eternal recurrence. Directed by Lisa Berger. Stills and video below from a workshop performance. Read more at my collaborator Margaret Noble’s website.

2012: Single Mother Meatloaf

Part of the Storytelling Cookbooks showcase at UCSD White Box collaborative art exhibit, produced by So Say We All.


2010: An Endless Series of Fires

Part of a VAMP Showcase, and an excerpt from my nonfiction novel, Disaster Party.

2009: Make Out Party

A piece in the very first So Say We All VAMP Showcase, “Make Out Party,” at The Whistle Stop in San Diego, 2009.